The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

So many awesome things about this Swiss website ‘Bankgeheimnisse’:

For one: The website lists benches along hiking trails all over the Swiss Alps… and beyond. I mean, this is an incredibly fun idea. Who doesn’t love a good bench to sit on? (Am I getting old?) I often find myself running along trails in our woods and wish folks would put up more benches. Sometimes they are good for just the obvious: taking a seat. But sometimes they are that focual point you can use to stop at to take off your jacket, or readjust your vest, or tighten your shoes. Benches are a great reminder that you’re not alone out there in these wild – I know some go out there to be alone – but for me it’s a nice reminder of our collective humanity.

The other awesome thing is the name. In German, the word bench translates to bank, the same word for, well, a bank you deposit your money at. Why? No idea. Perhaps taking a rest and depositing your money has some similar connotations. Either way. The name of the website, a website from Switzerland, a country known for its banking secrecy, is … bench secrets. “where the secret benches are hidden”. But, because the word for bench is the same for bank and bench… well, you get. Brilliant word play.