America's only certified Skyrace course. Race Beast of Big Creek on Mt. Ellinor in Hoodsport, WA on Aug 3rd, 2024.

America's only certified Skyrace course. Race Beast of Big Creek on Mt. Ellinor in Hoodsport, WA on Aug 3rd, 2024.

Everyone, like everyone is descending on Lake Tahoe in California in the coming days for some of the most important and iconic trail races in the US. It’s going to be busy down there!

Here’s the gender breakdown for each of these events:

  • Tahoe 200 starters: 234 – Women: 62 (%), Men: 172 (%) N*
  • Broken Arrow (all races combined) starters: 3,077 Women: 1413 (46%), Men 1,665 (54%), Nonbinary: 9 (.%)
  • Western States Starters: 377 – Women: 100 (27%), Men: 275 (73%), Nonbinary: 2 (.%)

This brings us to a total of 3,688 racers over the course 2,5 weeks.

And a quick aside, Destination Trail has all their race registration on UltraSignup but seems to not have turned on the ‘nonbinary’ registration option, all their races just list men and women entries.

For folks wanting to follow the action from afar here are all the important links.

There’s more going on and I will add additional links to this post as things come up.

Do Not Block Gate – The 2024 Barkley Marathons:

Do Not Block Gate is a beautiful and inspiring book of photographs and stories from the historic 2024 Barkley Marathons. The project is a collaboration between photographer David Miller and publisher Vertebrate Publishing.

This isn’t event the first Barkley book, I don’t think ‘The Finishers The Barkley Marathons‘ is either. And yet, the Barkley, with its insane small participant field attracts more attention, and funding success for a book about a single year, than a book about UTMB, which was offered for the 20th anniversary of the race.

I’m fascinated by this.

Happening this weekend June 13-15, 2024 (quote below auto-translated):

Be there live at the largest trail running event in Germany, the Salomon Zugspitz Ultratrail 2024 powered by Ledlenser. We stream the Garmisch-Partenkirchen Trail, also part of the Golden Trail National Series. Moderated by Trail magazine editor-in-chief Denis Wischniewski and top runner Ida-Sophie Hegemann.

The Zugspitz Ultratrail is considered Germany’s largest “trail races” because the Rennsteiglauf isn’t really considered a classic ‘trail’ event, but rather a “cross country” event. The Zugspitz Ultratrail is hosted by one of Germany’s most classic alpine towns ‘Garmisch Partenkirchen’, home of the Winter Olympics in 1936, at the foot of Germany’s tallest mountain the Zugspitze (Well, Germany shares the summit of the Zugspitze with Austria). The Zugspitz was first held in 2011, and the main race circumnavigates the Zugspitz massif in similar fashion to the way UTMB goes around the Mont Blanc. 4,400 racers will be at the starting line across the six different distances and includes most of the who-is-who of German and Austrian trail running.

The Zugspitz Ultratrail in Germany/Austria is on the same weekend as Trail 100 Andorra (2,800 starters) and Trail du Saint-Jacques (5,700 starters) in France. Combined, these three events will bring 12,900 trail runners to their respective starting line. Oh, and add another 820 who will start at the Skyrunning Event in Madeira, part of the Skyrunner World Series. Absolutely incredible numbers.

Announced on Instagram yesterday:

Hardrock is proud to welcome back GU Energy for 2024. Hardrock and GU share a rich and long history dating back to the 1990s when an early prototype of what would become the GU Roctane Energy Gel fueled their founder’s daughter to victory here. GU gel formulations were specifically designed for the tough conditions at Hardrock and we are excited to feature them at our aid stations again!

And further in the comments when asked directly:

That is correct. Spring Energy is no longer a partner of the Hardrock 100 Endurance Run.

Damn, things go fast.

Last year I browsed the new-to-me website ‘Run247, and found an article written by Patrick Ryan about Western States adding the ‘by UTMB’ handle to the full name of the race. This year, they refreshed the article for the upcoming Western States race for 2024 but they left the wrong title in there.

I know that in many ways, this is an SEO play and adding all the optimized words in all the right places is supposed to help with search engine placement, and yes, RUN247 is a British website and Western States is an American race, but this is really not that hard folks.

Western States is an independently run nonprofit that has partnered with UTMB to have their event included in the World Series. The partnership details aren’t disclosed, but both organizations are heavily sponsored by Hoka which seems to be the glue that holds these two together. The UTMB Group hasn’t acquired and does not own Western States. The ‘by UTMB’ addition is used by UTMB for EVERY OTHER RACE IN THEIR SERIES, but not for Western States. Every other race in their series has a subdomain now on their website, but not Western States. Not all UTMB events on the World Series are owned outright by UTMB. Some are owned by UTMB Europe. Some are owned by Ironman/UTMB and some are partnerships with local events managers in countries these two organizations don’t have a local presence.

Alright, carry on everyone, just had to get this off my chest.

Launched today:

The PTRA Women Equality Working Group has launched the brand new ‘Women in Trailrunning Fund’, dedicated to supporting initiatives that showcase and benefit women in trail and ultrarunning. This fund is designed for creatives and community organizers who wish to highlight the contributions and experiences of women in these sports through their projects. Whether through media, events, or community programs, the fund aims to amplify the presence and recognition of women in trail and ultrarunning, promoting inclusivity and inspiring future generations.

I’m still tracking gender splits for all the big UTMB World Series events and while there are a couple outliers we’re nowhere near proper gender parity at the starting line, especially for longer distances (100K + 100M), so this is very welcome to see and hope will get supported well.

US Skyrunning Team is raising money via a crowdfunding platform:

The US Skyrunning Team will be traveling to Spain in September 2024 for the World Skyrunning Championships. 
Our fundraising goal is to cover as many costs for the athletes on the team as possible. 
A few of these costs include: team kits ($1,500), accommodations/race fees during the championships ($3,000), team meals ($1500), and as much of the athlete travel costs as possible. 

The US will be sending 12 athletes to the Skyrunning World Championships this year. This will be the largest US team ever for the SWC. 

Kinda goes to show how small our sport still is, of US national teams need to raise money in this fashion. I mean, they are only looking to raise $15K, couldn’t (insert big brand name here) just write a check?

DC Rainmaker has the rundown of all the new features for watchOS coming this Fall to Apple Watches including updates for fitness tracking and route mapping.

As I’ve said for the last three years of Apple WatchOS updates, Apple continues to expand more and more into their rivals’ territories. However, as with the past, Apple isn’t necessarily trying to hit every edge case, especially as it relates to performance users. Instead, as is often the case for Apple – they’re trying to stick the landing on a broadly appealing feature set that’s easy to use. In many ways, these updates continue to check those boxes.

None of these features make me run out and replace my Suunto Race with an Apple Watch Ultra, but if you anyway use an Apple Watch, you might as well try out these features and see what works for you.

Doug Mayer from Run the Alps and publisher Helvetiq announce new guide book for trail runners for the Mont-Blanc region:

Trail Running Chamonix Mont Blanc is a trail-running guide to the greater Mont Blanc region in cooperation with the Chamonix-based outdoor adventure company Run the Alps. This collection of 30 easy, moderate, and strenuous runs features carefully chosen routes ranging from 10 to 40 kilometers. Each route comes with options to bail out early or add on additional kilometers, enabling you to tailor the runs to your needs.

Take my money!

Announcement dropped this morning via email, and currently available as “beta release” (If you’ve ordered from Tailwind before, be sure to log into your account to see if you’re eligible to order it):

Introducing Tailwind High Carb Fuel, exclusively for our Rockies tier rewards members! This power-packed drink mix is specially designed for high-intensity efforts, offering a higher carbohydrate content to maximize your energy per sip.

The new product comes in two flavors: ‘Ginger Lime’ and ‘Lemon’. I’ve been testing the product for a few months and like it a lot. Both are tasty, but especially the Ginger one has a nice kick to it.

It’s not cheap and you do need to train your gut to handle that many carbs, so don’t expect this to be a miracle potion, but it’s great to see Tailwind expanding their product line up and offering a wider variety of tailored products to meet the demands of the athletes or trends of the moment.

Announced today during their WWDC developer conference Apple just announced the addition of trail routes to their mapping app for many of the popular hiking locations – think National Parks.

Maps now features topographic maps with detailed trail networks and hikes, including all 63 U.S. national parks. Save maps to your device to access offline with turn-by-turn voice guidance, or create your own hikes.

This is a big ‘finally’ for the app and will be a great addition to the Maps app for most users – and the maps will be available offline, which is super important when hiking in the backcountry. I do hope that this will include better mapping to the trail head as well. These final miles from the main roads to the trailheads have often been subpar, to say the least, or completely wrong or missing.

AllTrails be like: “shit…!” But it still waits to be seen if this is actually is useful for power users or will really just be an entry level addition. Strava I bet is not worried about this… yet.

Announced on Instagram today:

At Hardrock, we firmly believe that runners of all types shouldn’t have to choose between chasing their dreams on the trails and pursuing the option of becoming parents. That is why we have updated our Pregnancy Entry Deferral policy to provide a more generous deferral period for pregnant women and new mothers, and expanded coverage to include other types of new parents such as in situations of surrogacy and adoption.

This is great news, and while this will only affect a small number of runners due the small entry field, folks work for many years to try to get to run Hardrock and family planning decision shouldn’t get in the way of this.

Here’s a link to the full PDF outlining all the nuances.

The Tenerife Bluetrail by UTMB happened this weekend (June 4-6, 2024) on the island of Tenerife, Spain and Europe continues to be on fire with weekend after weekend, races after races in stunning locations drawing thousands of runners. If I’d live over there I’d lose my head trying to make my annual racing schedule. I can’t even.

Check here for my pre-race coverage.

Below are the top finishers, for full results visit UTMB live:

100M (110K – 4 Stones)


  1. Eva Maria SPERGER – Germany – 15:18:55
  2. Gitana AKMANAVICIUTE – Lithuania – 17:00:41
  3. Claire HESLOP – Canada – 17:39:51


  1. Manuel ANGUITA – Spain – 12:54:22
  2. Jordi GAMITO BAUS – Spain – 13:28:26
  3. Rubén DIEGUEZ QUIROGA – Spain – 13:42:27

100K (73K – 3 Stones)


  1. Martyna MLYNARCZYK – Poland – 07:29:41
  2. Gemma ARENAS ALCAZAR – Spain – 07:48:47
  3. Celia BALCELLS SERRA – Spain – 08:01:36


  1. Riccardo MONTANI – Italy – 06:45:18
  2. Elliot PHILLIPPON – France – 06:51:45
  3. Kevin ROUX – France – 06:56:35

50K (47K – 2 Stones)


  1. Maude MATHYS – Switzerland – 04:25:50
  2. Marta PEREZ MAROTO – Spain – 04:45:12
  3. Sonia VIZCAINO HUNGRÍA – Spain – 04:45:25


  1. Oswaldo MEDINA – Spain – 03:56:10
  2. Marcos RAMOS GONZALEZ – Spain – 03:56:37
  3. Andreu SIMON AYMERICH – Spain – 03:56:50

20K (24K – 1 Stone)


  1. Vanessa CABA MACHADO – Spain – 02:30:01
  2. Laura GION GONZALEZ – Spain – 02:39:57
  3. Miriam GAMBÍN – Spain – 02:45:33


  • Eduard HERNANDEZ – Spain – 02:01:09
  • Fran ANGUITA – Spain – 02:01:09
  • Arezki HABIBI – Spain – 02:05:19

Below are the numbers broken down by distance and gender:

  • 100M Starters: 442 – DNF: 145 – Finishers: 297. W: 29 (10%) M: 268 (90%)
  • 100K Starters: 445 – DNF: 37 – Finishers: 408 W: 69 (17%) M: 339 (83%)
  • 50K Starters: 686 – DNF: 28 – Finishers: 658 W: 140 (21%) M: 518 (79%)
  • 20K Starters: 765 – DNF: 44 – Finishers: 722. W: 223 (31%) M: 498 (69%)
  • VK Starters: 109 – DNF: 3 – Finishers: 106. W: 19 (18%), M: 87 (82%)

Of the races I tracked (there were a couple others, a relay and shorter distance events not listed on the UTMB live page) the event saw 2,447 starters and 2,189 finishers. 480 (22%) women and 1,710 (78%) men reached the finish line and folks running Index and Stones eligible races earned themselves their respective stones and an UTMB index (or directly punched their ticket to the Finals in Chamonix for 2025).

Next up on the UTMB World Series Calendar we’re heading into another double header weekend with two events fairly close to each other in Andorra and in France. On June 14 – 16, 2024 two sold out events, the Andorra 100 Trail and the Trail du Saint-Jacques will happen a mere 300 miles from each other.

Last chance:

People! And friends of great trail running films. This weekend is your last chance to see our 2024 Selection of amazing films during our Online Watch Party and Filmmaker Fundraiser.

Get your ticket – support trail running story telling – enjoy the show.

June marks the anniversary for Electric Cable Car – happy birthday! It’s been two years since I launched this blog. Yes excited to call this a blog again. After years of mourning the erosion of individual websites in favor of social media profiles, it seems that the tide might be turning. Yes, AI will destroy even more of what we’ve experienced for a brief moment in the early days of the internet, but as long as individuals still get to register domains, throw WordPress installs on self-hosted servers and design, code and publish, I will have hope, and continue on. This is my web, and I enjoy it that way.

Back in 2022 when I started this blog here’s what I wrote:

I wanted to create a space to comment on the evolution of mountains sports and specifically trail, ultra, and mountain running. We’ve seen incredible growth in the area over the last few years and I, as keen observer and huge fan, wanted a place to collect what I find and share what I think about it all.

That was two years ago and the trend line for the growth of our sport and favorite pastime is still only going upwards.

Last year, for the first anniversary of Electric Cable Car here are the numbers I shared:

  • I published 411 posts and articles. This is post 412.
  • In total I wrote 55,374 words, not counting these.

Since then this blog has grown to over 950 posts and around 140,000 typed and published words.

Traffic has grown by 500% over last year. I’m pretty happy with this.

The focus of this site and my writing hasn’t changed:

Lots of people and organizations are tweeting, insta-posting, and sharing news, changes and happenings on their various channels. I am following them all. I won’t be posting a giant firehose of information but will post the pieces I consider most crucial and share them here with a few of my observations trying to link them together and make sense of it all.

Well, the focus of Electric Cable Car remains but the firehose has opened up a bit. There’s a lot going on in our sport. A lot of movement, momentous decisions, and some big stumbles along the way. Listening to a couple podcasts over the last few weeks I was reminded of two things:

  • What got me excited about the internet is the ability to carve out my own space and with social media companies continuing to wreck their own platforms this becomes more and more valuable.
  • Sometimes to make a difference is taking inspiration from another area outside of your niche and introduce this to the field you’re operating in. Not everyone needs to follow the same path and copy each other and while it might’ve proven successful in the past, it doesn’t guarantee success going forward. An unproven path could indicate impossibility or genius. Which one it’ll be still waits to be seen.

As I am continuing to establish the exact place for this blog in our sport and culture I am excited to expand the stories I follow, the voices I listen to and amplify, and the narratives I get to weave.

Here are a couple things that you can look forward to and some changes you can expect to see:

  • ECC started off as a companion to Singletrack, my podcast. I’m working on reversing the order of priorities. There are SO. MANY. PODCASTS out there. There are very few blogs. Singletrack will remain, but the frequency, and focus will change bit.
  • That change is already visible in the name change the Instagram handle. There I will post more links to stories I write here.
  • I’ll be in Silverton for Hardrock 100 this year. First time for me and I’m stoked. How will I cover the event for Electric Cable Car? Stay tuned! But it won’t be the usual “here are a bunch of interviews with athletes” format. I’m working on a new and unique angle – hope you’ll enjoy what I’m cooking up.
  • The Hardrock media coverage will be a test case for what I am trying to do for Chamonix during UTMB week. I’ll be there and I am working on a strategy for this week that’s informed by what experiences I gain covering Hardrock while also acknowledging that I won’t be arriving in the Alps with a team of people and a truck full of gear. Heck, I still gotta run OCC too, right?

Alright, what’s left to say is that I want to thank you for reading and for being part of the journey. There’s more, so much more to come. Let’s get to it.

Jonathan Jarry M.Sc writing for McGill University’s Office for Science and Society
which has the tagline ‘Separating Sense from Nonsense’:

AG1 combines the “just in case” marketing of the multivitamin industry and unproven wellness ingredients into an expensive cocktail for the worried well

This article was tagged with ‘Critical Thinking’ and I couldn’t love this more.

If you like this argument in Youtube form, here’s a great explainer for you which also dives into the underlying business model which explains why so many people are so ecstatic about it. Ka-ching!

LIVE: This weekend (June 6-8, 2024) on our Global Race Series Calendar:

Tenerife Bluetrail is this year for the first time a UTMB World Series event, but is being held for the 13th time already time on the island of Tenerife, one of the Canary Island which is home to several high profile ultra trail events throughout the year.

Among the usual race distances to collect running stones Tenerife Bluetrail is offering a Vertical Night Challenge race and the Reto Tenerife Bluetrail & Joëlettes, an event for disabled athletes offering different distances and no time limits:

Inclusion is once again one of the core values of the Tenerife Bluetrail. This category is back again in the race with a 8km, 5km and 1km course so that everyone has a chance.


Follow the races live on the UTMB live tracking website.

Find more trail races on ECC’s Global Race Series Calendar.

UTMB is bringing an 8-part series titled ‘UTMB Extraordinary Humans’ to Eurosport, starting tomorrow, June 6th:

Each episode highlights the racing stories and challenges elite and amateur runners face on a flagship event of the UTMB World Series circuit.
The first episode follows runners with extraordinary destinies in the @ultratrailsnowdonia by UTMB 100K race.

This series is “supported by Dacia”, so the official wording, and as such it’s not surprising that the trailer’s first images are that of car and not a runner, but this does seem like a weird choice for an opening visual, and again, creates a easy target for The Green Runner’s campaign.

Having said this, I’d love to watch it and get a feel for how UTMB positions our sport for mainstream Television. A quick browsing of the Eurosport website shows no mention of ‘trail running’ in the ‘All Sports’ section of their navigation bar. I wonder where they would fit something like this in? Not even ‘running’ is a category. Currently there’s ‘athletics’, which is track and field in the stadium and ‘marathon’, which is obvious, but neither would work for ‘trail running’.

I will update this post if I hear if there will be an online streaming option, or other.

The mozart 100 by UTMB happened this past weekend (June 1, 2024) in Salzburg, Austria and when I say ‘it happened’, I mean, the weather royally f%^*&ed with the race organization and all the runners in. Via my friend Federico Hernandez on Mastodon:

…they had really bad weather during the weekend in Salzburg. the 100K and 80K races got rerouted to avoid exposure to the wind on one mountain. It rained through the entire racing time. On the first mountain they got surprised by an ice/hail storm. In the end the race was aborted/cancelled for the back of the pack runners (about one hundred or so) at the last aid station in Koppl before the descent to Salzburg because it would have been to dangerous to continue. All remaining runners were driven by busses to the finish line and were allowed to cross the line, get their medal and points).

What is weird to me, or maybe on point for UTMB, is that the official press email doesn’t mention any of this. Not sure what the strategy here is but it’s seems important and actually should be celebrated. The race organization and folks on the ground who made these decision which kept the volunteers and runners safe allow us to go out and challenge ourselves in a reasonable safe environment. What I am gathering from this it seems the race organization handled the situation as best as they could – safety always goes first – and rather then just telling racers that their finish would count, letting them actually run through the finish gate is a great touch in my opinion.

Check here for my pre-race coverage.

Below are the top finishers, for full results visit UTMB live:

mozart 100 (105K – 3 Stones)


  1. Fiona PASCALL – Great Britain – 12:06:04
  2. Claudia CHMIELOWSKA – Poland – 12:44:42
  3. Maryline NAKACHE – France – 12:52:32


  1. Jack CHAMBERLAIN – Great Britain – 11:19:37
  2. Paweł CZERNIAK – Poland – 11:28:17
  3. Carlo SALVETTI – Italy – 11:33:21

mozart Ultra (81K – 3 Stones)


  1. Cristina SANTURINO FONTECHA – Spain – 10:21:30
  2. Sara AMMANN – Switzerland – 10:50:10
  3. Katerina POSPISILOVA – Czech Republic – 11:00:11


  1. Zan ZEPIČ – Slovenia – 07:50:26
  2. Bernhard MACKNER – Austria – 08:15:15
  3. Tomáš FRANČE – Czech Republic – 08:45:19

mozart Marathon 50K (39K – 2 Stones)


  1. Nuria GIL CLAPERA – Spain – 03:35:14
  2. Gemma HILLIER-MOSES – Great Britain – 03:36:01
  3. Katarina LOVRANTOVA – Slovakia – 03:38:00


  1. Andrzej WITEK – Poland – 02:54:17
  2. Sven KOCH – Germany – 02:57:21
  3. Jonas HESTHAUG – Norway – 02:58:23

mozart Light (31K – 1 Stone)


  1. Magdalena BEDNARCZYK – Poland – 03:08:09
  2. Marta LIPNICKA – Poland – 03:30:19
  3. Katherine SANDERSON – USA – 03:38:35


  1. Lukas SCHAIDREITER – Austria – 02:51:30
  2. Benjamin RIVIERE – France – 02:51:39
  3. Bartosz GRZEGORCZYK – Poland – 03:06:31

mozart Half Marathon (21K – 1 Stone)


  1. Nadine HÜBEL – Germany – 02:02:22
  2. Juni ARNEKLEIV – Norway – 02:03:36
  3. Nina BROCCARD – Switzerland – 02:10:45


  1. Mike FÖLSNER – Austria – 01:49:09
  2. Alvin ALEXANDRE – France – 01:51:12
  3. Jakub BARTECKI – Poland – 01:51:24

mozart City Trail (9K – No Stones)


  1. Natalia GAIK – Poland – 00:45:45
  2. Sarah VOELKEL-SCHAFFENRATH – Germany – 00:50:44
  3. Elizabeth BULKELEY-BYE – Great Britain – 00:54:23


  1. Lukáš KOPERDÁK – Slovakia – 00:41:05
  2. Ramiro FOGLIA – Argentina – 00:41:17
  3. Michael SEYSS-INQUART – Austria – 00:41:35

Extra special kudos to all runners to dealt with this insane conditions! Overall mozart100 saw 2,705 starters and 2,394 finishers for all the events combined, except the Relay: mozart100 was also offering a 100k relay race, but this event only had 17 teams in it and it seems it won’t be offered in 2025. I left these folks out of the numbers and rankings. Although one of the teams was called ‘Team Aperol’, so a special mentioned goes out to them.

Below are the numbers broken down by distance and gender:

  • 105K* Starters: 686 – DNF: 204 – Finishers: 490 W: 45 (9%) M: 437 (89%)
  • 81K* Starters: 438 – DNF: 74 – Finishers: 364 W: 65 (18%) M: 299 (82%)
  • 39K Starters: 748 – DNF: 24 – Finishers: 728 W: 209 (29%) M: 519 (71%)
  • 31K Starters: 339 – DNF: 9 – Finishers: 330 W: 126 (38%) M: 204 (62%)
  • 21K Starters: 365 – DNF: 12 – Finishers: 353 W: 168 (48%) M: 185 (52%)
  • 9K Starters: 129 – DNF: 1 – Finishers: 128 W: 74 (58%) M: 54 (42%)

In total the event saw 2,394 finishers. 687 (29%) women and 1,698 (71%) men reached the finish line and folks running Index and Stones eligible races earned themselves their respective stones and an UTMB index (or directly punched their ticket to the Finals in Chamonix for 2025).

*I combined the numbers of the two events UTMB had to list separately due to the weather shutdown.

Next up on the UTMB World Series Calendar we’re heading to the island of Tenerife in the Atlantic Ocean for the 13th edition of the Tenerife Bluetrail on June 6-8. Here’s to hoping for better weather.

Yesterday on iRunFar Brady Burgess and Johanna Ohm shared the results of their GoFundMe campaign for getting Spring Energy’s Awesome Sauce and other (competing) products tested by a lab:

Multiple third-party tests on Spring Energy’s Awesome Sauce gel confirm Reddit users’ suspicions that calories and carbohydrates are mislabeled. How do other products compare? Should we trust nutrition labels?

Yes, these results confirm what Jason Koop had been raging about on Instagram all last week. (natch, he was faster and paid out of his own pocket for the testing, praise be to him!) Well, he also took the conversation to a completely unnecessary place and so it’s great to have this article and these results to focus on and move forward with.

The lab results confirm that the printed nutrition facts on Spring Energy’s Awesome Sauce and Canaberry (another one of Springs product) are completely from another dimension and have no basis in reality. With all the competitors’ gels’ numbers coming in as the package promised, this clearly leaves Spring in a difficult situation, and the bed they made for themselves.

We can certainly rule out the idea that somehow all gels suffer under these fluctuations and “this is just an industry problem”. For note: this is not something that Spring ever claimed, but it certainly would’ve been convenient and opened the door to a completely different conversation.

Will Spring recover from this?

That’s the question. Spring, while an ever-present name in the trail and ultra world, isn’t some giant corporate power-house that is just going to brush over this and release a new flavor next month with a flashy marketing campaign making us forget everything that has happened. I’m not trying to feel sorry for them, but am wondering what their possible paths forward might be.

  • One: They’ll never recover, disappear and become a cautionary tale and or the butt of a joke for a while.
  • Two: They really only let their guard down and too many quality control issues slipped past them. They are able to ‘fix’ the original recipe, without going bankrupt first, and are able to bring Awesome Sauce back to what it previously was. This seems unlikely in my opinion, and would require independent retesting of course, but would be fascinating to see. Awesome Sauce was tasty after all.
  • Three: If they have the financial runway, they might be able retool, fix and release Awesome Sauce 2.0. This might work, and if the new product is delicious and the numbers aren’t too different to the original ones, including the price, people might forgive and forget, keep buying the product and move one. But this would also be somewhat of an admission that the numbers on the original product were never really rooted in reality.

In the iRunFar article Spring CEO Rafal Nazarewicz is quoted with the following:

We reached out to Nazarewicz for comment, and he responded that the brand has investigated their products in response to the data the public has generated. Nazarewicz said Spring Energy has “identified a couple of factors — a cooking method, processing of some ingredients and variation in supplier ingredients — that were leading to some batches becoming overly diluted, and unfortunately, failing to translate as desired with the calculations used with our formulation.”

So, at this point they are sticking with the story that this is something that can be fixed on a product level.
Will be seen if public perception will go along with it.