The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

Usually I stay away from focusing too much about individual athlete announcements here on Electric Cable Car, but Courtney Dauwalter is of course not your average athlete and this announcement of hers clearly deserves a post and mention. On Instagram, short and to the point she says:

We decided to do UTMB!

Yes, that alone will make UTMB another must watch event, but Courtney has this year already set incredible course records at Western States and Hardrock this year. So her adding a third high profile race to the calendar isn’t just incredible but also would give her the chance of doing the unthinkable: Getting all three course records in a single year. Courtney already holds the course record at UTMB, so she has her work cut out for herself, but event just completing the triple in a single year makes her the ultimate GOAT* and would put here into league of her own**.

* which she already is, indisputable.

** Krissy Moehl is the only other athlete who has done the triple before on a weather-related shortened course according to Liam aka AidStationFireball.

In related news: Tailwind Nutrition‘s delicious and limited edition flavor and collab with Courtney ‘Dauwaltermelon’ is now already sold out… sadly.