The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

From the official UTMB press release:

Dacia is increasing its level of involvement in the UTMB World Series in Europe and will become the title partner of the finals now called the “Dacia UTMB Mont-Blanc”.

Who/what is Dacia?

Dacia is a Romanian car manufacturer established in 1966. In 1999, after 33 years, the Romanian government sold Dacia to the French car manufacturer Groupe Renault.

Dacia had been a sponsor of UTMB over the last couple?! years and while not one of the first non-outdoor companies to be supporting trail racing, this is taking the sponsorship possibilities to another level. This announcement seem to strengthen the partnership with UTMB elevating Dacia to a ‘premier level’ status and (and this is most visible to us as runners) giving Dacia naming rights for the UTMB Chamonix event. Now, and for the next three years the event is officially called: “Dacia UTMB® Mont-Blanc”. This of course sounds ugly and convoluted but is really the norm in sports marketing with most big events selling their naming rights away to some sponsors. We as fans and runners will get over it and never have to call UTMB by its full name.

Part of their partnership is improving the shuttle service around Mont-Blanc during the event in August:

In conjunction with Dacia, the UTMB World Series is developing a sustainable mobility plan for its French events to reduce the transportation impact generated and optimize the travel of the runners and spectators travelling to the events and on site. An improved shuttle service will be offered at Dacia UTMB Mont-Blanc 2023, taking runners to the start of their races and enhancing spectator’s travel.

My question is:
What non-outdoor brand would be the perfect partner for Western States?