Run the iconic Mount Ellinor on Aug 5, 2023 in the Olympic Mountains.

Run the iconic Mount Ellinor on Aug 5, 2023 in the Olympic Mountains.

His always very lengthy reviews are always worth your time. You learn more than just about the specific product he’s reviewing, but about how GPS works and many other useful things.

I especially love the photos which give you a good idea on how big the watch is compared to others in its category.

He also followed it up with a complete user guide on Youtube for folks not familiar with the Suunto software.

His summary on the new Sunnto Vertical, their new flagship product:

The Suunto Vertical watch is finally the Suunto watch that should stop the bleeding, not just to Garmin, but also COROS. In particular, it’ll likely give any existing Suunto user pause to see where the hardware goes. Suunto has put forth a very accurate GPS watch on land, with good and clear mapping.

Still, I’m excited to see where this all might go. Suunto has spent a lot of time on the Suunto app/platform side in the last few years, and that’s certainly much appreciated. But with finally having a good hardware base to work from, it’s time to pivot to focusing on watch features to take advantage of that hardware and bring back that previous Suunto mojo. Making the hardware as good as they did was the hard part, now comes the (relatively) easy part: Adding in new software features to match.

Let’s go! I’m excited for this.