The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2023.

The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2023.

The visual representation of the development of mountain regions.
Some hate them, but I truly truly love these cable cars, or gondolas to some. They are the marketing eye candy for many vacation regions. Once a destination has a cable car, you bet it will be on every postcard and in every marketing video.
They are a modern, swift, environmentally sensible modes of mass transportation, and just look so damn cool. Cable cars enable and unlock the higher alpine regions for many who couldn’t otherwise get there. Riding them gives one a new perspective, literally. They get you on top of a mountain!

So, what is it website?

I wanted to create a space to comment on the evolution of mountains sports and specifically trail, ultra, and mountain running. We’ve seen incredible growth in the area over the last few years and I, as keen observer, and huge fan, wanted a place to collect what I find and share what I think about it all.

What to expect?

Lots of people and organizations are tweeting, insta-posting, and sharing news, changes and happenings on their various channels. I am following them all. I won’t be posting a giant firehose of information but will post the pieces I consider most crucial and share them here with a few of my observations trying to link them together and make sense of it all.

The headline is the link.

The headline of each post is linking directly to the source. It’s like a blog of the early days on the internet, which gives away how old I am.

Who’s writing here?

Mathias Eichler, German, living the Pacific Northwest, trail runner, podcaster, race director and designer by trade.
I wear many hats, and this is a new one.

Join me?

I am super excited about it and I hope you join the ride.
All new entries will be shared on the Twitter feed and you can subscribe to the RSS feed, yeah, old school, baby. Twitter is also a great place to leave a comment, and you can reach me via email.

Thanks for stopping by.