The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

Albert Jorquera for Runedia and translated via Safari:

Kilian Jornet points to the Ultra Trail of Mont Blanc 2023. The Nnormal team rider had not officially announced it on his calendar but had left open the possibility of a ‘long-distance project’ in September-October, which seems to be the iconic French race of 170 km and 10,000 m. of positive elevation. As the current winner of the race in 2022, Jornet does not need to qualify for a UTMB World Series event, but he does need to add at least one Running Stone in 2023. And this Saturday, July 15, he will run the 16 km and +950 race of the Eiger Ultra Trail, as indicated by his presence on the list of favorites, which would allow him to add that Stone and formalize his registration for the Chamonix appointment, if he wishes. 

Corrine Malcolm adds on Twitter:

Might I add it’s also not a terrible move for Killian who has a company to promote as well

Sounds like it could be another perfect day, well, maybe expect for Jim, Hannes and the rest of the competition.