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Jason Pohl writing on the Aspire Adventure Running blog for a new series called ‘Expecting the Unexpected’ about one of their recent trips on the Lost Coast Trail along the Californian Coast:

The longest crossing, the Rattlesnake High Tide Zone, is a 3-mile stretch that, on this particular trip, runners needed to be through by about 4:30 p.m. 

It would be a push for everyone. 

For the six who didn’t make it in time, it’d be the setting for a story that would dominate the trip.

Hats off for Aspire to show this side of their business. We often like to only share the epic sunset pictures suggesting everything is always filled with stoke and beauty. But out there, good problem-solving skills are not just necessary but will keep you alive and will turn a potentially nasty situation into something worth remembering.

Because this is how stories like these should end:

There is talk, though, of making a t-shirt about what happened up Buck Creek…