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The Trail Running Film Festival - Online Watch Party Get your tickets.

I collected the data from the top 10 finishers of the World Finals events ‘UTMB, CCC, OCC’ to see how the sponsors faired at this year’s UTMB events.

This data is just taken from the website, so if athletes didn’t put that information into their athlete’s profile it doesn’t up here and I didn’t do any further digging to see what brands support what athletes. Also many of the top athletes are supported by more than one brand and the UTMB athlete profile only allows for “a team” to be added, which is what being displayed on the results page I took the information from.

  • Hoka – 11
  • Adidas Terrex – 7
  • Salomon – 7
  • No sponsor mentioned – 6
  • The North Face – 5
  • Nike – 4
  • Asics – 2
  • Dynafit – 2
  • On Running – 2
  • Scarpa – 2
  • Team Sidas X Matryx – 2

Last year with TDS added to the mix things overall looked pretty similar. Hoka on top, which almost seems like a requirement for them, given that they are the big sponsors of the UTMB World Series. Adidas Terrex and Salomon, and even The North Face in some respect, are cleverly using the big stage of UTMB or get their brand valuable airtime through the athlete endorsements without having to pay the big Euros to become a UTMB sponsor. The big winner of this year’s race is clearly Nike which was completely missing on last year’s podiums, but got runners into the top ten in each of the races.

If we want to go one level deeper and include TDS, ETC and MCC to the mix, Asics and Brooks jump into the list of top brands. Also notably Nike, Adidas Terrex and The North Face are completely missing on the “other races” top list, which could indicate that they are really setting themselves up to be “pro athlete teams”.