The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

This is the 5th Little Backyard Adventure and this year for the first time we’re adding to the 6hr race a 12hr event.

We’re super grateful for the support from Heritage Bank, Kevin Hayward State Farm, Tailwind Nutrition, OlyFed, Hydrapak and Rock Candy Running’s coaching partner: Team RunRun.

For this year’s event we’re having a record 91 runners signed up. That’s over double of last year.

For the 6hr race we have 48 runners:

  • Women: 16 33%
  • Men: 31 65%
  • Non-binary: 1 2%

For the 12hr race we have 43 runners:

  • Women: 18 – 42%
  • Men: 23 – 54%
  • Non-binary: 2 – 4%

The 91 runners for the event are broken down by gender like so:

  • Women: 34 – 37%
  • Men: 54 – 59%
  • Non-binary: 3 – 3%

We’ve got 3 runners under 20 at the starting line and one 70! You’re all awesome!

Last year, when we offered only a 6hr race we had 5! People run 10 loops – 40 miles.
This, along with the persistent requests from the community to offer a 12 hour event in Olympia we finally pulled the trigger got the support from the City for the event.

We’ve got about a dozen folks who ran one of the permutations of LBA before. Welcome back.

The 12 hr event is new. There’s no data here. Will we see folks run 100K? How many?

The loop is about 4 miles with 200ft of vert, depending on what watch you ask and how cloudy the sky is. The nicer weather these last few days dried out the course and most of the puddles are gone, which should invite some fast running. But the sharp corners of the course will make it tricky to maintain pace and it’ll be interesting to see what happens when we enter the twilight zone of 10+ loops.

The course has one aid station, right at the start/finish where we keep track of how many loops folks are clocking. We will try to update the numbers through the event online. No promises on how this will go – stay tuned.

Time to adventure!

Interested in following along from afar? Check the live page for updates throughout the event and follow the event with hashtag #littlebackyardadventure on Instagram.