The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

Stian Angermund, dominant Norwegian trail runner over the past few years and winner of the 2023 OCC reveals on Instagram the news:

On the 20th October 2023, I received a life changing email
from the French anti-doping agency, informing me that the urine sample taken after my victory at OCC contained the banned substance chlorthalidone.

I’m utterly bewildered. I haven’t used any medications or supplements, nor have I ever taken or misused drugs. Where could this possibly have come from?

I am a clean athlete.

I’m currently in the process of vigorously defending my innocence and proving that I am clean.

I’m not in a place to understand the nuances and realities of doping protocols so I share some comments from folks.

Dakota Jones commenting on Stian’s post:

You’re an inspiration Stian. I believe you are clean. So sorry you have to go through all of this.

Francesco Puppi, who came in second in the same race:

My personal loss is not as important as the loss that the whole sport is experiencing, whoever responsibility it was. I just think that as long as the investigation is not finished, it is not up to us to judge or take any stance. So please be mindful with the words you’re using, if you’re commenting on this issue. Don’t contribute to the unnecessary drama and weight whatever you write and say, with respect towards Stian, the antidoping system, UTMB and all the athletes who were there competing.

I will always stand for clean sport no matter what, this is the only thing I’m sure of. If this is a mistake, it’s very scary to think that this situation could happen to anyone. On the other hand, doubting about the antidoping system and the sports justice (although not infallible) is also extremely dangerous and puts the whole sport’s credibility and fairness into question.

Ian Corless:

I am against doping and those who dope, 100%. 

I have known Stian for years. Pure talent. Modest. Honourable and quiet. He is not an ego inflating his chest for glory. He’s a talent who has let his results do the talking. 

Is he guilty of this? The A and B samples say so: “I had 41 nanograms in the A sample and 31 nanograms in the B sample.”

Stian is considering asking for a DNA analysis of the doping sample, to answer that it is actually his urine that contains the substance.

Tough moment for our sport but also an important wake up call on our road to more professionalism. Stian’s friends and folks who know him clearly want to stand by him, but also understand that undermining the doping authority discredits our sport and it’s intention to be seen as legitimate and professional.