America's only certified Skyrace course. Race Beast of Big Creek on Mt. Ellinor in Hoodsport, WA on Aug 3rd, 2024.

America's only certified Skyrace course. Race Beast of Big Creek on Mt. Ellinor in Hoodsport, WA on Aug 3rd, 2024.

Alright, bear with me here. There’s a new “2024 Endurance Trail World Championship” in town.

There are so many over-the-top claims on this website, I can’t even list them all:

The Real Global Competition: Challenge your idols in a true, global mountain trail competition across continents with the One Hundred World Series…

Who’s racing here?

Qualifying for the OneHundred World Series doesn’t need to be complicated.

The ranking for 2022 has 61 people on it. There’s no ranking for 2023. Yeah, it’s not complicated to list runners if no one runs.

All qualifying races will be broadcasted live through One Hundred TV, so that you can still be a part of this global event even from home!

Here’s a sample of the stream. The parent website calls itself “broadcasting powerhouse”, “sports tech innovation”… oh and guess what other word you find on that website “A.I.”, of course.

MetaRace is reshaping endurance sports, blending technology and creativity for a unique experience. It brings to life authentic virtual running through kinetic signature analysis and altimetry conversion, ensuring realistic and fair races.

Got that?

Total prize purse of $100,000 USD

Checks breakdown for each race/racer: For the Finals, a first place in the 100K gets you $1,000. And only “elites” are eligible.

Starting in 2024, qualifying for the Gold, Silver or Bronze starting Elite boxes at the One Hundred® Endurance Trail World Championship Final will be a fairly straightforward process.

The key word in this sentence is “fairly”. There are categories, statuses, age groups, points… it’s confusing as hell.

Their Rules section lists the possibility of having 50,000 racers across 50 races annually. In 2022 they had 62.

There’s a “rewards card”:

The OneHundred® ‘Runwards’ Miles Card is a digital card that can be added to your digital wallet. No physical card will be issued.

It’s like a frequent flyer credit card, I guess.

And finally: the event website has a tab called “Investing”?

Venture into the next frontier of trail and virtual running with One Hundred Sports Group. We are on the lookout for visionary investors ready to fuel the future of sports technology and media innovation. 

This entire concept….I’m utterly speechless.