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Stories about trail running and mountain culture. The adventure podcast by Mathias Eichler, published weekly.

Unlock even more perks and benefits with our utility-enhanced generative art NFT, the Outerverse Passport. Earn ongoing benefits that increase the longer you hold the pass, the events you attend, the NFTs you own from the marketplace, and of course the more you get outside. Think of this as your passport for entry into the Outerverse.

I can’t even with this crypto shit.

We’re not jumping on a bandwagon. Rather, we see NFTs as another useful piece of gear to add to your kit. Like any good outdoor tool, an NFT should blend form and function. It should be beautiful and useful. That’s why we’re committed to embedding real-life benefits into every minting – perks that inspire you to get outside, connect you with community, and reward you for sharing your love of the planet.

$222 in US$ for nothing. Cool, Outside, cool.

PS: I’m curious what Patagonia thinks about that… are they still advertising in Outside?