The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

The Pro Trail Runner Association issues statement on their meeting with UTMB:

Our latest meeting, however, marked a significant milestone and saw the attendance of the PTRA Board and more than 40 PTRA members, with the direct involvement of UTMB founders Catherine and Michel Poletti. Athletes had the possibility to ask questions on topics like the structure of the UTMB Group and the role of their shareholders, race acquisitions and UTMB expansion, what went down with the Whilstler-WAM situation, the social and environmental concerns raised after some of the most recent UTMB actions.

This conversation served as an essential platform for deepening our mutual understanding and exploring UTMB’s initiatives more thoroughly, with athletes who could express their concerns, ideas and wishes to make sure that our visions are aligned for the future, which is something we believe will benefit the whole trail community

As we move forward, the PTRA looks forward to building on this foundation with UTMB, working together to address the challenges and opportunities facing trail running and remain committed to advocating for the interests of elite trail runners, promoting transparency, and fostering constructive dialogue.

There are still a few missing pieces here on how we got from there to here, and I hope we will get to the bottom of it all, but for now the words that PTRA chose to use, and sign theirs names under are:

Through continued engagement and open communication, we are optimistic about achieving shared goals for the benefit of the entire trail running community.

There’s optimism in these words. Let’s take the PTRA by their word. They weren’t coerced into saying this at gun point.