The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

Last year Spartan Trail offered a “Spartan Trail World Championship”:

The Spartan Trail World Championship is a series of races around the world that gathers the best of the best: historical races, outstanding landscapes and scenery, challenging courses, and potential of growth for the local community.

According to last year’s website 2023 was the third season for this championship.

I had been holding off on adding that series to the Global Race Series Calendar but no announcement for 2024 had been made. Now the Spartan Trail page is updated and most of the same events are back for the new year but any mention of the championship has disappeared. What Spartan does offer now for 2024 is a Season Pass. For $349 here’s what you get:

  • Access to any of our trail races in 2024
  • All US & Canada Events eligible (From Gila Monster to Golden Gate, all of them)

Spartan has 16 races in North America – so if you love to travel the $349 is a good deal.

At a quick glance it seems that prices for the individual events ranging from 10K – 50M are between $80 – $170. So you gotta participate in at least 3 events to pay for the season pass, which doesn’t seem too great of a deal. But I appreciate the different approach to offering a ‘race series’.

As a sidenote: Since this is not a classic series anymore I chose to not add it to the Global Race Series calendar.