Run the iconic Mount Ellinor on Aug 5, 2023 in the Olympic Mountains.

Run the iconic Mount Ellinor on Aug 5, 2023 in the Olympic Mountains.

Editor-in-Chief Zoë Rom:

Even a good run’s gotta end. In a way, ours is ending with this beautiful book. This is our ringing bell, our swan song that signals the closing of one chapter, and the start of another. The journey at Trail Runner has taken another turn. After more than 20 years, the print magazine hitting mailboxes this month will be the last print issue of Trail Runner. 

While this will be our last print issue, we’ll continue to bring you the best stories, photos, and training tips from the trail online. The spirit of Trail Runner lives far beyond glossy paper pages. 

I currently don’t subscribe to a single print magazine. I’m part of the problem, as they say. But I love print. Physical books more so than magazines and I wish that these publications can find a way to rebirth themselves as something valuable, collectible, annual. Something commemorate a year of running.

For the past 7 years I’ve always bought the annual mountain book ‘Berg‘ from the Deutscher Alpenverein, the German Alpine Club. The ‘magazine’ is hardcover, high-gloss, and filled with hours of reading, bringing the Alps home for me. The American Alpine Club has a a similar product, the American Alpine Journal.

I believe there’s an opportunity for a product like this. An annual/regular print product telling the best stories from the world of trail running.