The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

Two interesting developments on the UTMB race calendar for 2024:

  • Mount Yun the newly announced UTMB race in China received a 2023 race date with just a few days before the actual event. The UTMB website initially listed a 2024 date but all of a sudden a 2023 date appeared: Oct 20-23, which is already next month… so it seems the races had been advertised and the event had been operational, but the partnership with UTMB wasn’t 100% a sure thing for 2023 and they were about to pull it together last minute.
  • Transvulcania, the popular race with a long history pre-UTMB on the islands of La Palma off the coast of Spain is one of the few events where still no date for 2024 is announced. The other events are: Amazean Jungle in Thailand, Ultra-Trail Ninghai in China and Restonica Trail in France. I don’t know much about these other races but Transvulcania clearly has a long history and the 2024 date should’ve been announced by now. But what has happened instead is that the race has now completely disappeared of the UTMB map and calendar. I still have the event listed on the ECC UTMB calendar because the domain is still active but I am very curious if this is just a ‘glitch’ on the website of if there’s something else going on.