The Trail Running Film Festival - Online Watch Party Get your tickets.

The Trail Running Film Festival - Online Watch Party Get your tickets.

… is Zegema, they say.
Last week was the 2022 kickoff for Salomon’s Golden Trail Series in Zegema, Spain. Lots can be said about the legendary fans lining the steep climbs along the course. This is mountain running at its best.

The thing that stood out for me is that many had believed Kilian’s departure from long term sponsor Salomon would perhaps indicate his retirement on some form, perhaps from racing altogher. But taking first place and a course record aren’t just a sign that he’s still on top of his game but still hungry and dangerous. Walmsley you better use the time in Chamonix well, because UTMB will be a tough one to win with Kilian at the starting line.

But the other big story is that Kilian used the Golden Trail Series, brought to you by his former sponsor Salomon to unveil his new brand NNormal.
And, that brand was the talk of the town. He took first, Emelie Forsberg took first in the VK, Dakota Jones ran too in NNormal’s all black gear. You think Salomon is wondering if they let Kilian leave prematurely? Should they have fought harder to keep him? And what does it say about the brand power of these top athletes and how gear companies are positioning their marketing?

Well, congrats Kilian on the win, and even more so Emelie for taking the top spot in the VK.