The Trail Running Film Festival - Online Watch Party Get your tickets.

The Trail Running Film Festival - Online Watch Party Get your tickets.

In Portland of course:

Come join us on Thursday, December 1st from 4-8pm for the grand opening of the adidas TERREX pop up store. Store is located at 1411-1435 NW Flanders St. Portland, OR 97209. 

Adidas has had a challenging go with its outdoor sub-brand ‘Terrex’. The first foray into the US market was with a subsidiary and their product was sold exclusively on their own domain adidasoutdoor.com. Then they canned that partnership, taking the product line in-house, and onto their main website Adidas.com, where it sort of gets lots now. That happened around the same time they bought Five Ten, the mountain bike and climbing brand. That brand was also usurped onto their main web shop essentially giving these markets as much visibility as some ‘fashion brand collab’, which might make sense financially. A Beyonce collab surely must make more money than selling some trail running shoes, but I fear the products, geared toward the outdoor market, are just getting lost amidst the thousands of sport and fashion shoes they sell.

Now this fall Adidas launches a big push through REI and are now promoting the Terrex brand in a standalone store. From a supply chain and inventory management point of view it must make sense to have all product lines under one roof but from a marketing point of view these products deserve their own platform and visibility. We shall see how this goes, and where it might lead.