The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

In a new blog post Damian, author of the We Can’t Run Away From This and somewhat decent ultra running (I kid, I kid) shares his thoughts on pro sponsorship and the challenges of wanting to lower his carbon footprint while still making an impact and living his life.

It’s important not to pretend to be perfect. No one can be. Adding to the illusion could put people off joining in the merry jamboree in the first place, both elites and non-elites. There has to be a middle ground, where people who care about the Big Kerfufflefuck might also reluctantly get on a plane occasionally, do a solo-occupant car journey or accidentally leave their laptop on standby overnight (gasp!). People who care are already making sacrifices and suffering emotionally. To be perfect, in our current system, is impossible.

In the end, we need to rethink our behavior, take stock and evaluate, but must remember that we’re not the problem:

People like us aren’t the problem. The richest 1% cause double the ghg of the poorest 50% (a stunning 75 times higher if you include investments, a more recent study shows). 100 companies created 71% of global ghg. Big Oil are the problem.