The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2024.

And here drops another one…

Mountain Ultra-Trail by UTMB®️ joins the best races in the world in the 2023 UTMB®️ World Series! A spectacular South African trail adventure with top-quality organization and unprecedented access to @utmbmontblanc , meet your extraordinary with us in 2023.

Announced this morning on the official UTMB Instagram accounts, but not fully integrated into the UTMB World website yet, this race is the first UTMB race in Africa and in an absolute stunning location. (And for international travelers fairly accessible, just 4.5 hrs east of Cape Town along the famous Garden Route). Many many moons ago I bungee jumped off a bridge just a couple hours from the starting line of this race. According to the website the trail races there have been happing since 2018 but it wasn’t until this year that they added a 100K, and now, for the coming year they will offer a obligatory 160K race, as with all the UTMB races. From afar this looks like another purchase by UTMB, which clearly indicates that their ambitions aren’t reached yet. How far can they push until the reached their limits? We shall see.

This new event has now been added to my UTMB calendar.