The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2023.

The Trail Running Film Festival - Back on Tour for 2023.

This is NOT a gear blog, but I’m making a bit of an exception here for NNormal (probably because I’m such a Kilian Stan…).

The Tomir family includes three different shoe models, with different colours in each model. First, there’s the standard-cut trail running and outdoor activity shoe, made for just about everything. Then there’s the same cut of shoe but waterproof, made with a highly breathable Sympatex® membrane that’s as planet-friendly as it is high-performing. Finally, there’s the higher ankle-cut boot version, made for extra support while hiking, that’s also waterproof. 

With every new product announcement NNormal is planting a flag into the ground announcing their intentions. This shoe, or family of shoes expands their line from their first announcement of the ‘Kjerag’ the high performance trail running shoes to a this shoe more meant as an everyday running and hiking shoe.

Kilian Jornet:

Tomir is this almost impossible mix of best-in-class technologies and materials, and forget-you’re-wearing-them comfort.

For one, the ‘Tomir’ looks cool. Certainly cooler than the first images of their ‘Kjerag’.