The Trail Running Film Festival - Online Watch Party Get your tickets.

The Trail Running Film Festival - Online Watch Party Get your tickets.

Speaking of Suunto fighting back, this weekend, just as I was toeing the line to race at Kodiak 100K (that’s a story for another day) in Bear Lake, CA Suunto announced a new watch to their product lineup. DC Rainmaker has all the details:

Suunto has just announced their newest watch, the Suunto Race. This watch essentially takes the existing Suunto Vertical endurance-sports focused watch that was released this past spring, and gives it an AMOLED display. 

The key points:

  • Incredible price (Priced cheaper than the Vertical but offering almost all the same features)
  • Better display, updated software (finally!)
  • Same size as the Vertical (If you don’t like big watches this will be a challenge)
  • Production NOT in Finland (Probably to match prize point)

Love seeing a new product announcement that’s aggressive in price rather than the usual: “Oh you want more features, well then you will forever have to be okay with the never-ending upward prize spiral”. I could actually see some folks who bought in the Vertical just a couple of month ago be a bit miffed at this product/price offering. Hope I’ll be able to get my hands on a test unit next month at TRE in Austin.

Also love the new watch bands Suunto released. Don’t love the inspiration Suunto seems to take from Apple in making cool watch bands an upsell item. The new Suunto Race is currently only available in a basic black watch band as stock item. All alternate colored bands are add on purchases.